Our Staff

Xavier Gutiérrez / Jounalist - Producer - Director

Started as a professional journalist with studies in Costa Rica and USA. Dedicated his first years to the production of Documentaries, Corporates and News coverage for international networks (EUROPE, CBS,CNN).

His bilingual communication skills led him to start helping foreign producers that needed assistance in Costa Rica. Has worked with Discovery, Animal Planet, European & Asian production companies.

Member of the American Chamber of Commerce for many years. Founder of Producciones ESCAZU in 1984.


  • Esteban has been producing since early age; also accompanying film crews from France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, US and Canada. He is a graduate from  VERITAS film school and speaks Spanish, English and Italian.

    Esteban Gutiérrez / Associate Producer

  • Randall is a top  producer  with more than twenty years of experience in live and recorded TV shows and newscasts; both in and out of the studio.

    Randall Hernández / Associate Producer

  • Rebeca has attended the needs of many international crews from America and Europe. From location scouting and everyday logistic services to complicated helicopter coordination for jungle shots. She speaks Spanish, English & French.

    Rebeca Gutiérrez / Scouting & Logistics

  • NANO is recognized as the best soundman in the country. He has recorded audio in more languages that he can remember; working with documentaries and drama in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

    Nano Fernández / Sound expert

About Costa Rica Productions

Escazu Producciones

Costa Rica Productions is the name of our web page owned and operated by Producciones ESCAZU S.A. our registered legal name in Costa Rica.


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